Since Fethiye includes Göcek, it is one of the important cities in Turkey in regard to yacht and sailing tourism. Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) in Fethiye is one of the most popular coastlines of Turkey. It is the best place to rent a boat or yacht and start a blue voyage. You can go on a blue voyage by renting a boat or luxury yacht in wonderful bays, you can enjoy the sea, sun, nature, and history in full.

Since Fethiye is in a climate band that is a mixture of Mediterranean and Aegean climates, it is hot and dry in summer and warm and rainy in winter, but its humidity is very low, compared to Antalya. You can see swimming people in winter in Fethiye, just like in Antalya.

Its gulf, bays, valleys, and nature offer a unique yacht trip, and Fethiye has important historical cities that are worth a visit. Fethiye’s centrum generally has two-story, wooden-Baghdadi system-based Turkish houses and Roman houses made from cut stones.

Fethiye is a wonderful vacation spot for nature sports, apart from its natural beauty, sea, history, beaches and boats, Yacht vacations, and Hotels. The most popular among nature sports are paragliding starting from Babadağ’s summit and ending in Ölüdeniz, trekking, sailing sports, biking, rowing, and motor cross.

How to go to Fethiye:  Dalaman airport, just 40km away from Fethiye provides a great advantage in transportation. You can go to Fethiye from Istanbul at the same time that’s needed to go from one district of Istanbul to another: in 1 hour 50 minutes. You can use a taxi or Fethiye shuttles from Dalaman airport. Moreover, there are minibus lines from Dalaman’s centrum.

Wind and Sea in Fethiye:

Zephyr winds from the North and North-west generally start in the afternoon and go on until sundown in Fethiye and Göcek. In August and September the wind speed generally stays between 11 and 27 knots, and rarely ever reaches 30 knots. Southerly winds may be harsher in Fethiye gulf but they are generally encountered outside summer.

Our recommendation is to enjoy the early hours when the weather is calm and windless, by having breakfast, swimming, diving, or sunbathing on the deck; raising the anchor in the noon, and get ready for the afternoon zephyr to fill our sails.

Who Should Sail in Fethiye Gulf

Fethiye Gulf is one of the foremost places for sailing. It has many islands large and small, along with beautiful bays that meets all the wishes of sea lovers and is suitable for all kinds of boats, yachts and blue voyages.

You may be a sailing beginner or expert, there are routes and locations in Fethiye Gulf where you can catch the ideal winds. We advise beginners to steer away from Yedi Burunlar (Seven Capes) in the windy parts of the year.

Private Charter Boat and Rent Alternatives in Fethiye

It is possible to rent a boat or yacht in Fethiye, just like in all the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Charter boats and yachts are generally classical Turkish-made wooden Schooners, Motor Yachts, Sail Boats, and Catamarans. The Sailboats and Catamarans can be rented with staff or bareboat (fuel and all other expenses paid by the renters). For trips with a friend group or business activity, yacht agencies renting sailboat flotillas can be found in Fethiye. Moreover, bareboat renting, skipper, and cook renting are also alternatives. Fethiye Boat Rental And Yacht Charter >>>